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Web3 meets Music

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I want to find out more about dubDeFi Web3/NFT platform, and $dub token Presale launch in April 2022.
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dubDeFi is project building the first Decentralized Crowdfunding Music Platform backed by SmartDeFi™ token. It is blockchain-powered streaming service which is beyond ordinary music NFT marketplace.


You can do all kind of things on the platform, as user or as a creator. That includes tipping the artists, crowdfunding, purchasing exclusive memberships or bidding for obtaining recording/publishing rights and earning royalties if you decide to try yourself as a publisher.


It is a 4 in one product with an upcoming launch. It's a music streaming platform, the first ever exclusive music NFT marketplace, a crowdfunding launchpad for musicians and a 'curate to earn' feature, allowing users to earn $DUB token for creating awesome playlists.


If you are an artist you will have more power over how your music is monetized.

There’s no vetting process to get started as an artist (or publisher), so you can upload your own tracks in a few clicks and connect directly with fans, organize crowdfunding for your next album or simply to offer a part of holder's rights of your songs for bidding.

Music NFTs are about to blow up - Come fly with dubDeFi if you missed your train with visual NFTs.